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Restoration Services for your carburetor, or set of carburetors.

Custom Rebuilt Carburetors is family owned and has been operating since 1979. We have a large selection of show-quality carburetors for Classic and/or Muscle cars. We offer restoration services for your carburetor or set of carburetors. All carbs are completely rebuilt, including bushing of throttle shafts and are wet flow-tested. All carbs come with factory warranty.

The Most Trusted Carburetor Restoration Service

We take pride in our workmanship and provide you with a high quality carburetor.

We carry a complete line of domestic carburetors for passenger vehicles (from 1972-1991),We also have 1000s of original equipment OE classic carburetors in stock including a variety of Holley® Carter, Rochester and Edelbrock® aftermarket carbs. We also offer a rebuild and return program for special units such as OE Classic, high-performance, marine, foreign and industrial carbs with quick turn-around time.

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